A Career with Us

At Zafrik we value talent, skills and expertise. Every day comes with its opportunities and challenges that must be met with a passionate attitude towards work. Joining us is becoming a part of a group with various backgrounds and experiences which when put together results into quality services to our clients.

We gain satisfaction from attending to the various needs of our clients as this gives meaning to our existence. People join us because they are looking for a challenge that is bigger than themselves. They stay with us because they can see and feel the impact they are having and at the same time developing new skill set.

What we look for?

We look for professionals with a passion to seeing results as they come. We have opportunities in various fields but majority will require working outside the office. Candidates must:

  1. Have self confidence
  2. Adaptive
  3. Stable disposition
  4. Effective Communication skills
  5. Positive attitude
  6. Goal oriented
  7. Dependability
  8. Innovative and apt to change
  9. Flexible
  10. Believe in the power of youth

You are sure to find satisfaction in your career.