Why grantsmanship and fundraising?

Many organizations find difficulties in raising funds for the implementation of a project. ZCG delights in professionalism and experience in undertaking fundraising ventures. Our team of experts will plan and implement fundraising ventures to help your organization raise the much needed funds to run a project.

What is fundraising?

Fundraising can be done through gathering voluntary contributions from the public. In some instances and as perceived tenable by our team of consultants, face to face fund raising, street walks and/or functions are arranged to raise funds for specific projects.

Our team has the expertise and agility to help your organization raise funds. It must be noted that we do not take individual or raises not intended for the public good.

What is grantsmanship?

Grantsmanship entails the preparation and writing of grants proposals for organizations that qualify. Grants proposal writing is a complex process and requires a niche of expertise and experience to prepare a successful grant proposal. Below is an illustration of the grant writing process.

Our team of experts will plan, prepare and write the proposals for your organization. On request, our team can also provide M&E services on the implementation of grants fund to promote efficiency and effectiveness.