Training for Development

We are people on the move and sharing knowledge to empower others is our priority. The intent of providing the seminars and training is to impart the much needed skills and knowledge to members of society so that they can become good citizens and contribute to the governance of society. Further, the training help youths and others  gain the needed skills in various economic areas for them to be self reliant. At the end of each training a certificate of completion is awarded. Our group of consultants  offer seminaries, workshops and customized training in the following:

Monitoring & Evaluation

Trainees acquire basic skills on methods and techniques used in M&E. In addition, they learn on how to prepare a log frame, monitor and evaluation a project

Project Management

Trainees in this program acquire skills in the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing a project. A project is in this case described as any undertaking that involves a combination and contribution of skills by many individuals with intent to achieve the laid down goals.


Entrepreneurship is a modern trend that must be encouraged as it contributes to the development of society and reduces unemployment rate. The skills and knowledge imparted help trainees become self reliant, start own businesses and contribute positively to the development of our society.

Data Entry and Analysis

This training empowers youths and others with the skills in data entry and analysis using various data packages. Those who take this training are on demand among research and consulting organizations.