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The Research section offers Qualitative and quantitative research designs. Our staff have the experience of using various modern data collections methods, report writing, and triangulating study results. We are technologically savvy! HIRE US

The management and strategy team offers high level management advice and strategy aimed at bringing efficiency and profit to an organization. ZCG is your door to the future of efficient business management and profits. HIRE US

Our team undertakes auditing of firms and organizations for financial proficiency. In addition, our team helps the client understand what various reports mean, and how the data they are seeing affects the company. HIRE US

Come to Us for Immigration consultancy services. Our team of experts in International Law and immigration Law will work with you in the process of acquiring the correct immigration documents. We are a friend away from home. HIRE US

The fundraising and grantsmanship section offers a range of fundraising ventures and helps in donor management. Our professional staff is equipped to plan and implement fundraising ventures for your projects. We also prepare grants proposals and run through all the requisite processes to ensure that you receive funding. HIRE US!

We are the regions first provider of world class assignments, thesis and dissertation writing. We are your first and final stop for thesis and dissertations. You will be delighted to know that our clientele crosses country barriers and have provided these services to students and academicians world over. HIRE US