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6 Most Effective Ways to Job Search

Many people are searching for jobs but do it the wrong way and just like there are rules to any game, job search also have some rules that when followed makes it easy for the job seeker to get a job. Searching for a Job Many job seekers visit various job advertising boards and fill […]

Scholarships for Africa

Why Education Scholarship? Education is the greatest equalizer and as such many individuals, universities and organizations are working hard to increase access to higher education for the poor. An education scholarships helps those with financial difficulties to study at tertiary level institutions with the help of funds from individuals, organizations and learning institutions themselves. For […]

Employment Opportunities at Zafrik

Searching for Jobs Multiple Job Opportunities 1) CHIEF ACCOUNTANT, STORE MANAGER AND SECOND STORE MANAGER WANTED-Full time An international fashion retail company wishes to recruit a chief accountant, store manager and second store manager for the new store opening in Zambia. The store is to start operations in 2019 with world class clothing trends. Zafrik […]

Who is to Blame for Zambia’s Examination Leakages?

Examinations: The status Quo 1) Examinations and Neighboring Countries 2) Who is to Blame for the Leakages? i) Examination Council Zambia ii) Examination Question Setters iii) Teachers Themselves iii) Parents, You and Me iv) Private Schools iv) The Student 3) Solution to the Problem i) Examination Setting Stage ii) Examination Paper Storage Stage iii) Examination […]

Job Interview Question 6 of 31: What are Your Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses?

What are Your Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses? Step 1: Social Media Cleanup i) Clean up your social media accounts ii) Unfriend people with questionable behaviors on social media Step 2: List your weaknesses i) Sample list of weaknesses ii) Model answer “My Greatest Weakness” Step 3: My Greatest Strength i) Sample list of Strengths ii) […]