Financial security is superior to job security. Financial security gives freedom, while job security creates a slave. In Zambia, about 90% of these youths have no financial security and 25% have job security that assures them of food and nothing more. The education system trains people to believe in ‘job security’ and not ‘financial security’.

Job security is an employee’s perception that their job, or an important feature of their job, is secure. Take note, it is a mere perception but society continues to promote it resulting in no development in the country with thousands of jobless youths roaming the streets.

The Holy Grail is ‘financial security’. This is the peace of mind felt when we aren’t worried about money. Often, this means having enough income to comfortably cover expenses, being debt-free, and having savings to cover emergencies. While this is supposed to be the goal of every youth, majority of them are seeking ‘job security’ so that they can retire the same poor level of their parents.

But financial security demands that you use prudent financial management skills. In the streets we have unemployed youths who have bought IPhone and other luxuries with the intention of duping others that life is all juicy. But the money used to buy those luxuries could have been invested to benefit their children and grandchildren.

So do you wanna do that job at 55 years as you wait for your retirement? It is true there is risk out there and some business ventures may not bring profit in an instant. But trying never killed anyone. So today, sit and think what you gonna be in 20 years from now. If you feel your dreams are to work for government for that period, you have signed a poverty contract.

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